Event Overview

The advent of Future Technology has been one of the most vital phenomena to ensure a revolutionary way in which we look at most processes. We live in a day and age where technology is no longer a distant concept but a necessity and reality of almost every aspect of business and commerce. The rapid evolution of technology and its innumerable facets have enabled us to achieve goals that were previously impossible to achieve. This has provided the opportunity to attain ever-increasing technological advancements that are readily available today to assist and empower us to achieve higher levels of efficiency and success.

Future Tech Summit is an initiative that lays the foundation for knowledge sharing, exceptional business awareness and alliances while providing a conducive platform for personnel and organizations to come together and ensure implementation of new business models, economic growth, increased profitability, product development, enhanced services and to create an environment of overall success and development through futuristic technologies.

The core focus of the Summit is to share and discuss a broad spectrum of presentations and case studies that will ensure the awareness and understanding of the latest market trends along with educating and enlightening the attendees about ways in which they can adapt to the demands of the digital and technological revolution.

Future Tech Summit, scheduled to be held on 15 May 2019 in Santiago, Chile, will encompass the latest global and regional technologies, discuss digital transformation, analyze and understand effective cyber security, enhance technological knowledge, discuss information technology and create an ideal platform for productive knowledge enhancement and potential business opportunities.

Key Focus Areas


Artificial Intelligence






Digital Transformation



Key Highlights

Defining and understanding the future of technology and exploring technological evolutions like Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Blockchain, Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity
Discussing and analyzing the infinite possibilities and applications of current and future technology in various Industries
Creating a diverse virtual infrastructure to adapt and accommodate technological advancements within the organizational eco system
Defining the role of human interface and leadership as we shift towards autonomous and robotic processes
Building a robust emergency awareness policy to ensure minimal loss and damage due to unforeseen technical mishaps
Assessing digital transformation and technological advancements to gain a competitive edge and future-proof the organization


Unique Offerings